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Marquette County Road Routes

Our ten scenic road bike routes meander over 140 miles of Marquette County’s naturally magnificent countryside.



Marquette County Bike Routes


  1. Briggsville Loop (10 miles) Begin at the parking lot next to the fire department. Travel north on Co. A through the gently rolling Neenah Creek Valley. As you head back to Briggsville Co. X, turn left onto Hwy. 23 and at the top of the hill turn right onto Nebraska St. an go down the hill past the dam. Turn left on CTY A back to the parking area.
  2. Oxford Loop (14.5 miles) Start at the Oxford Village Hall and ride south on CTY A. Take a left on CTY P, left on CTY O, left on CTY D and right on CTY A back to the parking area. This route takes you through the gently rolling Neenah Creek Valley.
  3. Northwest Passage (17.5 miles) Begin at Pioneer Memorial Park in Westfield (don’t forget to get water at the artesian well across from the park) and ride west on Pioneer Park Rd. Cross CTY CH and take Pioneer Park Rd. which turns into to Eagle Ave. Take Eagle Ave to CTY A, right on CTY A, continuing straight on 4th Ave. as you cross CTY M. Take a left on 4th Rd, right on Dakota Drive, right on CTY CH and follow back into the village and turn right onto Pioneer Park Rd back to the parting area. This route has a lot of hills and curves.
  4. Newton Township Trail (15 miles) Park at the Newton Town Hall on Co. B. Just south of the town hall, pedal east on Dixie Lane and begin your journey. Take a left on 10th Rd. Turn right onto 11th Rd by the Newton Church. Turn right onto CTY Rd Y, a right on Duck Creek Lane, a left on CTY B, right on CTY E, and a right on 8th Rd. Take a left on Dyke Ave. where you will pass Prairie Nursery. Turn right on 7th Ct., right on Dover Ct. and continue until CTY B and take a left.  Take a You’ll ride past an 1889 country church, several old country schools, and Prairie Nursery.
  5. Mecan River Circuit (9 miles) Park at the Park and Ride off of Dixie Ave., just west of Hwy. 22. Take a left on Dixie Ln., left on 14th Ave., a right on Duck Creek Ave., a right on 13th Ave. Continue straight onto CTY Y, take a right on Deerborn, a right on 14th Ave., and left on Dixie Ave. returning to the Park and Ride. This route features rolling hills, crosses several streams, and travels through quite a bit of forested state land.
  6. Tuttle Lake Trek (10 miles) Begin at the Tuttle Lake Boat Launch and Beach, on Tuttle Lake Road. Take a right on Tuttle Lake Rd., then left at Duck Creek Ave., take a right on CTY N, right on Eagle Rd. Go straight across HWY 22 to 15th Dr., right on CTY E. Go straight across HWY 22 onto Duck Creek Ave. Turn left onto Tuttle Lake Rd and back to the boat launch. This route crosses the Mecan River twice and takes you around Germania Marsh Wildlife Area.
  7. Germainia Jaunt (19 miles) Start at the Montello City Park on Doty St. Ride south to Park, turn left and Park St. This will take you out of the city to the junction with 16th Rd. Take a left onto 16th Rd., take a left on 17th Ct., right on Elk Ct., left on 18th Ave. Continue straight across CTY J on 18th Ave. Turn right on Edgewood Rd., left on CTY N, left on Eagle Rd., left on 18th Ave., right onto Edgewood Rd., left on CTY J, right on 17th Ct., right on 16th Rd., right on Park St., right on Doty St. and back to the city park. At the northern part of this journey, you will pass Comstock Lake and the Germania Marsh Wildlife Area.
  8. Lake Puckaway Loop (14 miles) Park at the Lake Puckaway Boat Launch Site at Fox Court and Toepper Drive. Begin by taking a left on Fox Ct., continuing onto CTY C, take a right on 18th Rd., right on Fern Ave., Left on 19th Ave., right on Evergreen Lane, right on Town Hall Rd. Continue straight on Fawn Dr., right on CTY C, a left on Riverview, right on 22nd Ct., left on Fern Dr., Right on 22nd Lane back to Fox Ct and take a right. This ride will take you through the Puckaway Marsh, and further north, past White Lake. Stop at the resort there and meet the “free-ranging” peacocks.
  9. Buffalo Lake Route (16 miles) Begin at the public parking lot at Montello City Hall. Pick up the route on the other side of city hall on CTY C and head west. Follow CTY C along the north shore of Buffalo Lake, enjoying many scenic vistas along this relatively flat road. Once in Packwaukee, continue on Wisconsin St., take a right on Main St., and left on CTY D across the causeway. Take a left on CTY K, left on HWY 22, and a left at HWY 23 and back downtown Montello and the city parking lot.
  10. Muir Park Path (15 miles) Start at John Muir Park, boyhood home of the famous naturalist. From the entrance of the Park on Co. F, turn right and travel north. Take a right on Gillette Drive. Left on 13th Road and continue on 13th until you take a left on 14th Road. Then, a right on County Road F. Left on Gale Court, left on Gale Ave, right on 11th Drive, left on County Road D. Follow D until 10th Road and take a left. Continue to follow 10th Road until County Road F and take a right. Then end at John Muir Park. This path features many rolling hills.