Amish in Marquette County

Written by marquette-ad on September 30, 2023

It was a nice fall drive down Barry Road today on the Marquette County border, one of the best places to find Amish in Wisconsin. 

The first stop I made was to Homestyle Furniture, where there are all kinds of amazing pieces on display, from chairs to dining room sets, to dressers. In the workshop adjacent to the showroom, an Amish man was busy working on a custom piece. Outside, the horses were keeping a keen eye on me as I browsed through the patio furniture. 

Then I was off to Pleasant View Bakery, where several women were busy making delicious treats. There were pies cooling behind the counter, racks full of cookies, pies, breads, and enormous soft pretzels. Visitors can take a moment to relax at one of the picnic tables overlooking a beautiful flower garden and enjoy their treats! Just down from the bakery I stopped at an Amish home selling a variety of vegetables. 

My final stop was at Mischler’s Country Store, a bulk food store. The shelves are lined with flours, sugars, candy, spices and everything in between. The store is always very busy and definitely a favorite of those coming to the area!

If you are planning a trip to see the Amish shops, remember to bring cash. Most stores are closed on Thursday and Sunday, while some stores are only open Friday and Saturday, especially in the fall and winter months. For an expanded list of stores and other things to do in the area, visit Amish Shops | To Do Categories | Marquette County Tourism & Visitors Bureau (

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