About Marquette County, WI


Get ready for some fun when you enter the Harrisville community. A 4th of July parade gone crazy, has become your “not so typical” celebration. Bring buckets, water balloons, mega squirt guns, even hoses! No one is safe, even the participants in the parade! It is a two-way display of water attacks you shouldn’t miss!

After the parade, be sure to make your way up to the Sportsman’s Club for a great chicken dinner and pie. Be sure to stay for the tractor and truck pulls.

An even bigger event is held on the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend, known as Bratfest. With over 50 years to perfect, it provides its guests a full day of softball, volleyball, and other tournaments. There are tractor pulls, truck pulls, raffles, dancing, carnivals, kid activities and fun for all.

Harrisville is also home to a 172 acre lake with a depth of ten feet. It is home to the Sportsman’s Club that does a phenomenal job mentoring youth and promoting the outdoors.